RJF Leather Co.

...is a wholesale distributor of vegetable tanned leather for the belt, holster, and case good trades.

Roger Folmar offers 30-plus years of tanning and finishing experience gained at W.L. Johnson Co. and Westfield Tanning, and 20-plus years experience working directly with belt and holster makers.  He has learned a lot from them and has gained a true understanding of what fine craftsmen need and expect from their leather.

Leather From RJF

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    Premium Pitt Tanned

    Natural full grain leather in various cuts, allowing you to pick the right piece for the job.
  • thumb3-euro-bridle-01.jpg

    European Bridle Leather

    Hides are always smooth and clean for a high yield.  Available in drum dyed colors.
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    Specialty Shoulders

    European Bridle leathers finished to obtain a more aged appearance.

Choose The Right Cut


See the Products page for how to choose the right cut for your project.

RJF Leather Co.

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