Pitt Tanned Natural Full Grain Leather

This premium tannage comes in various cuts, including sides, backs, double shoulders, bends, and bellies, allowing you to choose the right cut for the job.

  • Each piece is hand selected for you
  • Firm temper, excellent for molding. It holds its shape over time.
  • Excellent tooling and stamping leather
  • Dyes and oils evenly
  • Excellent belt pattern for high yields including long lengths
  • Level splitting for high quality finished products
  • Gum Flesh available, hand slicked the old fashioned way
  • Available in 3-4oz through 10-11oz in #1, #2 or #3 grades

Natural full grain double shoulder

Average 13 square feet


Natural full grain single bend

Average 11 square feet


Natural full grain belly

Average 6 square feet


Natural full grain back

Average 20 square feet


Drum Dyed Backs

Available in the following weights:

  • 3/4oz through 9-10oz
  • 10-12oz and 12-14oz

Come in Black, Havana, Walnut, Mahogany and Tan.  They average 20 square feet,



Latigo Sides

Available in Black, Burgundy, Brown, and Yellow, in the following weights:

  • 5-7oz
  • 8-10oz
  • 10-12oz
  • 12-14oz

Average 24 square feet.


Harness Leather Sides

Available in Black, and Natural, in the following weights:

  • 8-10oz
  • 10-12oz
  • 12-14oz
  • 14-16oz

Drum stuffed.  Average 24 square feet.


English Bridle Leathers

Available in sides or backs in Black, Havana, Walnut, Mahogany, Chestnut, and Tan, in the following weights:

  •   9-10oz
  • 10-12oz
  • 12-14oz


Average 24 square feet


Average 20 square feet


Average 11.50 square feet


English Bridle Bends


European Bridle leather

Available in double bends, backs, and shoulders.

  • all are drum dyed colors available in  black, havana, medium brown, burgundy, chestnut, and british tan. Natural is also available. Shoulders available in speciality looks
  • Available in 7-8oz, 8-9oz, and 9-10oz
  • beautiful clear #1 quality with a mellow and rich feel.
  • tanned for belt makers with no stretch.
  • offers excellent yields with a great belt pattern
  • Great for lining exotic belts or for single ply applications
  • Embosses well


Double bends

Average 19 square feet.




Water Buffalo Single Bends

Average 14 square feet.


Closer view of Specialty grain